Oakey students put their best foot forward

4 June 2018

New Hope Community Liaison Bec Meacham shared her experience in professional presentation with Year 10 students at Oakey State High School on Wednesday as part of the school’s annual World of Work event.

Designed to prepare students for work experience, involvement in the workshop is the latest effort in New Hope’s broader initiative to develop skills and education in the communities around New Acland Mine.

Community Liaison Bec Meacham said her interactive session focused on presentation skills designed to encourage students to put their best foot forward in the workplace.

"Our main focus was to help students feel more confident when they’re walking into a workplace for the first time, whether that be for a job interview or a stint of work experience," Bec said.

"We explored a whole range of presentations skills, like choosing a professional interview outfit, confidently engaging in conversation and pointers around things like mobile phone usage at work."

Bec said New Acland Mine had been working closely with local schools and training institutions to open up opportunities for local youth.

"In partnership with the Queensland Resource Council we’ve been able to bring the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy to Oakey, which delivers training in subjects that will help students begin a career in resources," Bec said.

"We currently have an Oakey State High School student completing a school-based apprenticeship in our mining equipment workshop and he’s joined by two additional full-time apprentices training in diesel fitting and boiler-making."

"We also have a business administration trainee working with our mine support staff, and we’re soon to welcome seven more additional trainees, six new haul truck operators and one new maintenance worker."

New Acland Mine also runs a vacation program every summer, welcoming university students to site to gain practical experience in a range of areas like engineering, surveying, health and safety, geology and communication.