New Acland miners looking mighty fine

17 April 2018

New Acland miners are looking mighty fine this week after going head-to-head in a six week weight challenge designed to get the mine site laser-focused on health and fitness.

Senior Health and Safety Systems Coordinator Stewart Sherrington is Chair of New Acland’s Health and Safety Committee and said teams from ten different crews competed in the site’s second annual weight challenge.

“Our seven teams put in a terrific effort this year with first prize going to our B Crew maintenance team who had the best score based on overall engagement and average weight loss figure,” Stewart said.

“This year our health and safety committee wanted to harness New Acland’s culture of mateship to fuel engagement so we put a lot of focus on the team aspects of the challenge.”

“Judging by the banter that took place at our weigh-ins plus the stellar final result, I think using comradery to fuel the competition was pretty spot on.”

Competing teams were armed with healthy recipes, tips about increasing daily movement and “feel well” facts sheets to boost their success throughout the challenge.

“Our employees are mostly shift workers working seated in machinery so we put in a lot of effort to keep fitness front of mind,” Stewart said.

“By making the weight challenge a social event as well as a health event, we were able to draw out people who might not have been interested in something purely fitness related.”

New Acland’s weight challenge was facilitated by wellness program manager Live Well Australia, a workplace health and wellbeing service based in Toowoomba.

B Crew will celebrate their win with a day of paintball skirmish later this month.

In total, the seven competing teams lost a total of 145kg and had a 195.4cm in waist reduction.