Japan’s future coal leaders look to New Acland Mine

31 July 2018

A contingent of Japan’s future coal leaders toured New Acland Mine on Monday as part of a comprehensive immersion program designed to develop their knowledge of international best practice and witness Australia’s highly respected coal operations first hand.

The contingent included eight delegates from some of Japan’s largest energy producers and government officials under the JCoal Coal Resource Leaders Program, which aims to strengthen Australia and Japan’s long established industry relationship.

Delegates enjoyed a tour of New Acland’s open cut facilities and also visited an underground mine in the Bowen Basin and Queensland Bulk Handling’s coal loading facilities at the Port of Brisbane.

Convened by JCoal and Trade and Investment Queensland, the tour was run Site Group International Ltd and aimed to expose delegates to three critical components of Australia’s $58 billion coal industry.

Site Group’s Head of International Jason Anfield said the tour was an opportunity to develop the delegates’ professional knowledge, leadership skills, business communication and cultural understanding.

"Australia has one of the most respected coal industries in the world and this program explores a whole range of topics like stable supply of quality coal, energy security and advancing clean coal technologies," Jason said.

"New Acland Mine is a great example of progressive rehabilitation, and allowed our delegates to see mining come full circle, from digging coal to grazing cattle on rehabilitated mind land just a few years later."

"Touring New Acland also allowed us to explore some of the things Australian mining does best like effective mine safety and environmental management."