Our People, Our Community - Meet Grant McDonald

3 February 2017

Grant McDonald began working for New Hope over 25 years ago and is currently employed as New Acland Mine's Training and Emergency Response Coordinator.

Occupation: Safety and Training Coordinator, New Acland Mine

Lives: Highfields

Background info

New Acland employee Grant McDonald is quite literally kicking goals after following his dream of opening a Karate and Muay Thai school, known as a dojo.

Grant works as the mine’s Training and Emergency Response Coordinator but in the evenings joins his children and close mate Darryl at their dojo at Gowrie Junction Primary School.

Grant began his martial arts journey about ten years ago when he began training with his wife and two children at a dojo run by a fellow New Acland employee in Merringadan.

“Martial arts go beyond just learning how to defend yourself,” Grant said.

“Training boosts your self-esteem and discipline and encourages you to build a real sense of community with the other students.

“Our dojo is family-oriented and we aim to train all levels and ages, right from beginners through to experienced fighters.”

Grant said he is passionate about helping people to feel safe and confident and believes martial arts can assist people to overcome bullying and build personal resilience.

“In addition to our Karate and Muay Thai training, we also run self-defence and women’s self-defence classes.

“If our training can help one kid with bullying or help one woman feel safer then that’s a successful dojo in my eyes.”

Gowrie Junction Dojo - 0439 464 654