New Hope Board visits Oakey in show of support

1 September 2017

New Acland miners received a morale boosting visit from the New Hope Group Board of Directors last Wednesday.

Members of the board, led by Chairman Robert Millner and Managing Director Shane Stephan, spent two days touring parts of the local area, including New Acland Mine and the Company’s Oakey Community Centre.

"Our workers have had a pretty rough time over the past 12 months waiting for the Stage 3 Project to secure its state government approvals," Mr Millner said.

"At the end of the day they want to know whether their job and their family’s future are secure.

"We wanted to demonstrate to our workforce that not only do they have the overwhelming support of the local community, they have the full backing of the New Hope board."

The board began the visit with their quarterly board meeting at the New Acland Mine before spending several hours touring mining operations and speaking with employees.

"New Acland truly is an innovation hub and it was great to see some of health and wellness initiatives that helped New Acland win the Health Program Award at the recent Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference," Mr Millner said.

"Coming from a family with cattle grazing background, I also found it particularly rewarding to visit the 490ha of mined land that is now fully rehabilitated and being grazed by cattle," Mr Millner said.

"We are committed to seeing Stage 3 go ahead and we want the community to know we understand how important this Project is for the local area and we are behind them all the way."