New Acland miner keeps family farming tradition

3 October 2017

New Acland Mine worker John Mullins is a man with a mission.

A proud Boodua local, John is currently raising his young daughter on their cattle and grain farm about 7km from New Acland Mine.
“I grew up on a dairy farm just outside of Oakey and I left high school with the dream of one day owning my own farm and carrying on the family tradition,” John said.
“After leaving school I spent seven years travelling around and working on local cotton farms which really helped me build my skillset and figure out what I wanted to do.
“When I was growing up the deregulation of the dairy industry had a big impact on my Mum and Dad and the viability of our family business.
“It became pretty clear that our farm wouldn’t be able to support both them and me when I finished school, so I set my sights on one day owning my own.”
Securing a job at New Acland mine made that possible. A year into working at the mine, John purchased his farm in Boodua and set about transitioning the old dairy into a beef cattle and grain operation.
“I’ve found a real sense of achievement in owning and running my own farm,” John said.
“I’ve been here for almost 12 years now and as my parents have gotten older, I’ve also taken over running our family property in Malu as well,” John said.
“We run cattle and grain across both the farms now and long term I’d really love to buy my parents out and take over our family farm on a more official basis.”
“My Dad’s been on that land for the last 60 years and we would really love to keep our family name on the front gate.”