New Acland Land Court Recommendation

2 June 2017

New Hope Group is continuing to work through the detail of the Land Court recommendation that the Mining Leases and Environmental Authority amendment not be granted for its New Acland Mine Stage 3 mining project.

The Land Court’s recommendation that the Mining Lease and Environmental Authority amendment not proceed was based on only two issues – noise levels and potential groundwater impact.

The Court found no reason to refuse on all other issues.

It also accepted the mine will have significant economic benefit to the local region, State and nation and that if the continuation of the mine not proceed, there would be significant job losses both at the mine and in the many businesses, local and further, that support the mine.

The Company has listened to what the Land Court has found and will continue to work toward alleviating the two key issues raised by it. Further the updating of groundwater modelling is already underway.

The New Acland mine currently has 782 employees and contractors and supports many additional businesses and suppliers associated with the mine. During the peak construction phase of Stage 3, it is expected that over 1000 employees and contractors will be required.

The livelihoods of these people and their families depend on the continuation of the mine and the approval of the Stage 3 operation would provide employment stability for many years to come.

It is important to note that the Land Court provides a recommendation only and it remains for the Minister for Natural Resources and Mines to decide whether or not to grant the MLs and the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to decide whether to grant the EA amendment. New Hope expects that both Ministers will make their decisions based on all the information available.

New Hope remains committed to delivering the New Acland Stage 3 project and will actively progress this project through the final stages of approval.

Approval of this important project is consistent with the Palaszczuk Government’s recently unveiled resource policy which seeks to provide jobs, opportunities and investment certainty in regional areas for years to come.