Our People, Our Community - Meet Alan Brown and Bec Murphy

5 September 2016

Alan Brown and Bec Murphy are two local Kulpi farmers who work as Operators at New Acland Mine.

Occupation: Operators, New Acland Mine

Live: Kulpi

Background info:

Alan and Bec both operate mining trucks at New Acland and have also spent time operating graders, machines with long blades used to move dirt around the mine site.

Alan is a fourth generation farmer who grew up on his family property in Haden, before relocating to Kulpi with his wife Jill and their four children.

Alan runs cattle and crops and said he enjoys the New Acland work rosters because, compared to a regular 9 to 5, they give him plenty of daylight hours to work on his farm.

Outside of work and farming, Alan also sits on the Brymaroo Rodeo and Campdraft Committee and said he believes local rodeos are the lifeblood of small farming communities.

Bec is a keen rider and lives on a smaller farm close by to Alan with horses and a few head of cattle.

Bec and her husband Jason said they feel strongly about raising their young family with lots of open space and animals which is why they bought their farm in Kulpi.

Before joining New Acland, Bec worked in concrete and feedlot trucks and gained valuable driving experience in a bid to get a start in the mining industry.

Now expecting her second child, Bec said working at New Acland has given her family the opportunity to continue developing their farm.

Alan and Bec both said Kulpi was a close-knit community and there were many other farming families in Kulpi who also worked at New Acland Mine.