New Hope wins national award for health and wellness program

8 August 2016

New Hope’s proactive approach to the health of its employees has been rewarded by winning a prestigious national award.

The company’s New Acland Health and Wellness Program was awarded the Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA) 2016 Industry Award for Health and Wellbeing in Perth last night.

The Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA), is Australia’s largest national resource industry employer group.

The national Health and Wellbeing Award recognises a resource industry organisation that has implemented a leading health, safety and wellbeing initiative that has made a significant positive impact on its workplaces and employees.

The New Acland Mine health and wellness program, Live Well, Work Well, was implemented in 2014 and encourages employees to self-manage their health and facilitates lifestyle changes.

New Hope Managing Director Shane Stephan said he was immensely proud of the achievement as it was a tough competition.

“We were up against some prestigious national and international companies with nine finalists in this category.

“Our New Acland program sets itself apart from other organisations through encouraging employees to be the drivers of the program.

“A company is only as good as its employees so it makes sense to focus on supporting the physical and mental health of our workforce,” he said.

“Our employees have had terrific success with more than 78% making significant positive changes to their health.”

“There has been great buy-in from our workforce who have championed the program and been empowered to take control of their health.”

“Many of our New Acland employees had risk indicators for conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.”

“By encouraging sustained positive behavioural change, we’ve been able to help lower the risk profiles for these individuals.”
New Acland’s Safety and Training Coordinator Stewart Sherrington was instrumental in establishing and implementing the program and said partnering with allied health professionals had been vital.

“Working closely with Toowoomba’s LiveWell Australia has enabled us to really educate and engage with our employees about the long-term benefits of positive health choices.”

“We were pretty chuffed to win the Queensland Safe Work Award for Best Workplace Health and Wellness Initiative for this program last year, so to win a national award is  just fantastic.”

“LiveWell has helped us to deliver weekly physiotherapy clinics, toolbox talks about healthy choices and a site-wide weight loss challenge that saw a combined total of 241kg lost.”

“Our latest initiative is called My Tucker Box Rules and we’ve created a great rivalry on site about who can prepare the best and healthiest lunch.”