Indonesian Government delegation visits New Acland

2 June 2016

An Indonesian Government delegation recently visited New Acland Mine to see firsthand the mine’s progressive rehabilitation practices.

Rehabilitation at New Acland is progressive and occurs right behind the mining activities. Because of this the footprint of the actual mining pit stays consistent as operations move around the site.

Representatives from the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry were guided by Acland Pastoral Development Manager Ben Muirhead who shared his knowledge in respect to sowing new pastures and New Acland’s cattle grazing trials conducted on rehabilitated mined land.

"New Hope and Acland Pastoral are very proud of our rehabilitation and what we’ve achieved so it was great to share our experience with the delegation and actually show them our results firsthand."

"We started our tour at the current mining operations and then headed over to behind these operations to see the cattle grazing on the rehabilitated mined land. This allowed the delegation to see the rehabilitation process from start to finish."

"The delegation showed particular interest in the logistics of filling in the mining pits and how our stormwater management works," he said.

New Acland offers free public tours throughout the year and encourages the local community to visit the mine to learn about its current operations and rehabilitation practices.