Incorrect commentary from Queensland Government

11 November 2016

The State Government has made the following comment with respect to New Acland Stage 3 Project and Water Licences.

"The proposed Stage 3 expansion of the New Acland mine will need to apply for an associated water licence - just as it has always needed to apply for a water licence."

This information is not correct.

Our response is as follows:

 The New Acland Mine (NAC) holds a number of water licenses for current Stage 2 operations. These water licences were granted under the Water Act 2000.

 The Associated Water Licence that NAC is now required to get under the EPOLA Bill is very different to the Water Licence that NAC had to get under the Water Act 2000.

 NAC could have applied for a Water Licence for New Acland Stage 3 under the Water Act 2000 however:

  • a water licence would not be approved for a new project prior to a Mining Lease being granted
  • the Water Act amendment passed in 2014 removed the need for a Water Licence

 Nobody in Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) or Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) that New Hope Group have been dealing with regularly in our application process for Stage 3, advised the company to expect new ground water licensing.