Brangus breeding is in the blood

15 December 2016

For most people holding down two jobs is a chore but for Qube Site Manager and Brangus breeder Mark Beckman it’s more a labour of love.

Mark has been with Qube, formerly Beaumont Transport, since 2003 and has been site manager at the Jondaryan Stockpiling and Rail Loadout facility for the past eight years.

Qube manages logistics for New Hope Group and is responsible for hauling and loading coal from New Acland Mine.

As well as his day job, Mark runs his own cattle property with his wife Melinda and two sons Jason & Reilly, breeding Brangus to supply Bulls to other studs and commercial cattlemen.

"I’m a dairy farmer’s son but we decided to get out when the Government deregulated the industry," Mark said.

"We could see it wasn’t going to be viable going forward. We considered running the property as a commercial cattle operation but decided to become a seedstock operation instead hopefully for greater returns per head.

"Brangus seemed like the best option because of their versatility. They eat like an Angus but have the durability of a Brahman which makes them good stock for all environments."

Mark said the decision to go into seedstock was partly to give his son Jason an opportunity to be involved in the preparation and showing of cattle as he did in his younger days.

"After Year 12 he went back to be an agriculture assistant at Oakey High School and assists students who have an active interest in showing cattle," Mark said.

"We’ve been on the show circuit ever since and, among our many successes, have taken out two Grand Champion Brangus Female titles at the Brisbane Ekka as well as a vast array of Championship ribbons at many of the local Darling Downs shows that he supports each year.

"When I started as site manager at Qube the guys decided to hang some of my ribbons in the office to make me feel more comfortable in the role."

Mark’s passion for the breed has led to him being elected President of the Australian Brangus Cattle Association of Australia.

"I’ve only been on the board since 2015 but I’m also the zone 2 director and have been on the Roma Brangus sale committee for about 8 years, with 2 years as sale chairman," Mark said.

"We have about 300 members across all states of Australia and the breed itself sits just outside the top 10 cattle breeds in Australia.

"I’d like to see us move into the top 10 during my term as President as well as increasing the awareness and market share for our breed.

"We have a bit of a battle fighting the might and reputation of the Angus which is one of our parent breeds but I really believe we have a much more versatile product that eats every bit as well."

Despite the long hours and weekend work Mark said he enjoys the variety his two careers bring him.

"Working for Qube and our link with New Hope is great and then I get to go home to the family and the cattle.

"Although, I think once one of my bulls wins The Grand Champion Brangus at the Ekka I might retire."