New Hope backs Jondaryan central

25 November 2015


New Hope Group has partnered with the Jondaryan Rural Fire Brigade to establish a local emergency command point at the Fire Brigade’s Communication and Command Room.

Executive General Manager Mining Jim Randell said New Hope was proud to support such a critical community asset.

"The command point will be essential to responding to local emergencies and New Hope is honoured to be involved in getting it up and running.

"Through funding the purchase and installation of a new diesel generator we have ensured the command point will be connected to a reliable power source at all times.

"This is especially important during natural disasters and severe weather events when cuts to power can be common," he said.

"New Hope has been a long-time supporter of the local CareFlight base and we saw the command point initiative as another opportunity to strengthen and support community safety.

Chairman of the Jondaryan Rural Fire Brigade Russell Grundy said the fire station had been chosen as the most appropriate location because of its high ground and existing infrastructure.

"The fire station was unaffected during the floods, making it a suitable location for future flood events.

"Our existing Communication and Command Room has all the relevant equipment to respond to emergency situations.

"The missing link was a backup power supply and we wouldn’t have been able to establish this as the central command point without New Hope’s support," he said.