Home at Last! Acland Church returned to its origins 60 odd years later

19 June 2015

St Jude’s Church from Acland is safely back to its origins.

The historic timber church was transported back to Jondaryan this week to take up pride of place on the hill at the historical Jondaryan Woolshed site.

John Eggleston, who has been the official historian for the Jondaryan Woolshed for the past 42 years, says the church was built in Jondaryan in the late 1800’s out of local timbers.

“We think it was the Presbyterian Church in town.  

“It was shifted from Jondaryan pre the Second World War – we’re not entirely sure why or where though - before it arrived in Acland in 1952.” he said.

“I’m pretty passionate about the history of this place – I guess working voluntarily here for 42 years is testament to that!

“It is wonderful to see the old church come back to Jondaryan again and it can come to life again here at the Woolshed” he said.

According to The Woolshed at Jondaryan’s Operations Manager, Mark Morrissey, the church made the trip without issue.

 “The church was moved by local house removalist Ian Wassell.  They were able to move her pretty well intact.  All they had to do was remove the roof as it was too high to fit under power lines.  But that is back on now.

“It will be lovingly restored to its original glory and used primarily as a wedding chapel.

“We have situated it up on the hill overlooking the creek flat.  It will be a beautiful view from inside the chapel.

“The church will be available for weddings – and for any denomination or the community in general, to use for whatever function.

“The complex is full of historical buildings with their origins from the original Jondaryan Station so it’s good to have this one back at its origins as well” he concluded.

New Hope’s Executive General Manager of Mining, Jim Randell, says the church’s relocation has been three years in the making following the decision to do so made by the Acland Heritage Precinct Advisory Committee in 2008.  The committee consists of representatives from the local community, various local government organisations and the New Hope Group.