Emergency communication services receive vital boost

3 November 2015

Emergency services will have access to improved communication in the Oakey area due to a new Telstra Global Wireless Network Tower located on the New Acland Mine lease area.

New Hope Group has donated land from inside the mining lease, near the Oakey-Cooyar Road, to provide easy access for Telstra to construct and maintain the tower.

New Hope’s Executive General Manager Mining Jim Randell said the new tower will provide significant benefit to the local community.  

“The tower will enhance communication services between Oakey and communities to the north for emergency service providers such as the police, fire brigade and ambulance,” he said.

“Telstra approached New Hope to use this land, which they determined to be the most suitable for good transmission circumference.

“The tower will be fully operational in the coming weeks and will be powered by an on-site generator set. A permanent overhead power supply is expected to be installed in early February.

“New Hope has worked closely with Telstra to ensure this work was able to start quickly and with minimal disruptions.”