Survey shows strong support for mining

27 May 2013

A recent survey has found that 96 percent of Australians regard the mining industry as important to the economy.

The survey, conducted by Newspoll for News Limited, also found that 69 percent of Australians view the mining industry favourably.

The poll results cast doubt on the perception that the benefits of the resources sector are not being widely spread.

The results also found support for the sector is higher among men, at 74 per cent, compared with 65 per cent of women, while 31 per cent of men have a "very" favourable view of the industry compared with 17 per cent of women.

New Hope’s New Acland Mine General Manager Jim Randell said the survey was a positive indicator for the mining industry.

“These results show that the vast majority of Australians have a positive attitude towards the mining industry because they can see the substantial benefits that flow into the wider community from the resources sector,” he said.

“It is also interesting to note that an overwhelming majority of people in this survey recognise that the mining sector is important to the economy.

“New Acland employees are very active in our local communities, so through them we have a pretty good idea of the local attitudes within our region.

“Surveys like this one also help to give us a broad sense of how people feel about mining, and this can be useful when a vocal minority sometimes dominates the debate surrounding the mining industry.”