New Hope on track for profiling and veneering of coal train loads

17 January 2013

The New Hope Group is progressing the profiling and veneering of all coal train loads leaving New Acland.

New Hope’s Chief Operating Officer Bruce Denney said contracts had been awarded to design, manufacture and install the state-of-the-art facility.

“The New Hope Group is working hard to ensure this profiling and veneering station will be a first rate facility,” he said.

“It will be fully engineered and will feature the latest technology to ensure that we profile the coal loads in each train wagon and then veneer them effectively.

“Profiling is the process in which the load is flattened out inside the wagon to ensure an even surface area before coating with the veneer.

“This facility will also include the ability to sweep clean the sills of each wagon. Only a handful of other coal profiling and veneering facilities are currently using this technology in Australia.”

Mr Denney said the veneering solution would be an environmentally-friendly, water-based mixture.

“The veneering solution is sprayed onto the top of the load and then dries to form a flexible ‘crust’ over the coal and physically prevents dust from being released from the wagons,” he said.

“The facility will be in place by the end of March this year and it will take that time to progress from the concept stage, to detailed design, then fabrication and installation on site.”

Mr Denney said the company had made the decision to start profiling and veneering its coal to allay community concerns regarding coal dust, despite independent testing showing dust levels are within government requirements.

“We have listened to the community and we have made this decision to begin profiling and veneering our coal as soon as possible,” he said.

“Our coal already has a very high natural moisture content – especially when compared with coal from central Queensland - and this moisture level is further increased by washing during our production process.

“All New Acland coal is washed prior to transportation.

“Profiling and veneering will be a further proactive measure to guard against potential dust. This is another example of New Hope working together with the community.”