New Acland meets strict environmental conditions

28 May 2013

The New Acland mine meets strict environmental conditions in relation to dust and has best practice air quality monitoring in and around the site.

New Hope’s Chief Operating Officer Bruce Denney said New Hope had also initiated veneering and profiling of coal train wagon loads from New Acland.

“Both of these measures were put in place by the company above and beyond what has been required and are an example of how serious we are about working together with the community,” he said.

“New Hope took the step to profile and veneer the coal train loads despite independent testing consistently showing coal dust levels along the western rail corridor are well below government requirements.”

Mr Denney said New Hope monitored air quality conditions at the New Acland mine site, the Jondaryan Rail Loading Facility and the township of Jondaryan.

“Our Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM) dust monitoring equipment is some of the most highly sensitive and sophisticated in the country,” he said. “Two of these continuous monitors are located at Jondaryan.”

Mr Denney also said New Hope was committed to working with its neighbours and local communities.

“This includes our own employees because the vast majority of our 300 workers at New Acland live with their families and children in the surrounding district,” he said.

“Our New Acland Community Reference Group (CRG), which comprises representatives from a broad cross section of local interests including health, education, business, agriculture, community development, landowners and industry, provides a direct platform for feedback.

“The CRG meets each month and it feeds information from the community to the company, and vice versa, ensuring that issues and opportunities associated with the current and future New Acland operations are understood and properly considered.

“In addition, New Hope’s Community Information Centre in Oakey is staffed by an experienced community liaison officer and the company also holds community information sessions to consult personally with community members.”