Fossils feature in Oakey Community Information Centre

25 March 2013

A new display in New Hope’s Community Information Centre in Oakey offers an insight into prehistoric times when the local area featured volcanoes, inland lakes, swamps with thick ferns and possibly even dinosaurs wandering around.

Put together by New Hope’s exploration team, the new display is an interesting addition to the dinosaur footprint which has been attracting visitors to the centre for some time.  

Community Liaison Officer Helen Braithwaite said the new display was a big hit.

“I think what makes it really interesting is that they are all samples from this area and they give an insight into the inland lakes and marsh areas that were here millions of years ago,” she said.

“There are fossils, petrified wood, plus all kinds of rock and mineral samples like ironstone and calcite.

“Every time someone comes into the centre this new display is such a good talking point. People have their own story about interesting rocks or fossils they have found in their time around this region too.

“The display is also a good insight into the exploration side of the mining process - how we end up with core samples and then how we use these to figure out what’s in the ground to determine where mining should take place.”

Geologist Andrew Basson did all the ‘groundwork’ for the new display and is justifiably pleased with how it turned out.

“All of the samples in the display are from the Acland area and were collected from the drill core samples or around the drill sites by the team of exploration geologists,” he said.

“It’s really great to see the samples displayed like this and we are really happy to hear that people coming in to the community centre are showing an interest in what we see every day as geologists.”