New Hope helps fight fire

7 September 2012

One dozen New Acland and Acland Pastoral Company staff members assisted firefighters to contain a blaze near Radar Hill on Thursday (September 6).

New Acland General Manager Jim Randell said the mine’s Emergency Response Truck and crew attended the fire with the Acland Pastoral Company’s staff members.

“The decision to send the fire emergency truck was done only after considering the potential needs to control risk at the minesite,” he said.

“Our ERT truck has a 1,200 litre water tank on board so it was very effective in fighting the fire – especially as it was able to refill its tank from the big fire and rescue service tanker trucks.

“It was especially handy to have auxiliary firefighters amongst our staff on the ERT truck too because they obviously knew what they were doing and could assist the firefighters to best contain the blaze.

“I’m very proud to say that our staff were able to work very effectively side by side with the auxiliary and rural firefighters to put this fire out quickly.”