New Hope funds Jondaryan truck parking area

7 September 2012

Work is nearing completion to seal two truck parking areas on the verges of the Warrego Highway at Jondaryan thanks to funding from the New Hope Group.

Jondaryan District Residents Association Chairman Bruce Arthur and New Acland’s Rob Rashleigh were on hand when work started last week on the $80,000 project to seal the parking areas on both sides of the highway.

“The township of Jondaryan is very pleased with the contribution New Hope has made to reducing the dust levels in the township,” Mr Arthur said.

“The verges of the highway were not sealed and a lot of trucks and b-doubles stopped there for the drivers to go to the roadhouse or the public toilets, and every time a truck pulled up there the town would get covered with a huge cloud of dust.

“Originally the mine’s rail loading facility was getting blamed for a lot of the dust pollution in town but test results have shown that 35 to 50 per cent of the dust is mineral dust mostly from the Warrego Highway traffic.

“Once these two areas are sealed it will hopefully reduce the dust levels on the southern side of the highway and in the township.

“The Jondaryan District Residents Association originally approached the Main Roads Department about three years ago to seal the verges but they couldn’t find the funds to do it.

“It has been an ongoing operation to try and get someone to fund it so thank goodness New Hope stepped in.”

Mr Rashleigh said New Hope had provided the funding for the work in good community spirit.

“Even though these parking areas are a fair distance from our facility, we saw it as good community spirit to fund this work which will make things better for the whole township,” he said.

Mr Arthur said he expected to see a reduction in dust levels on the southern side of the railway line from dust samples taken following completion of the project.

“This will be a big benefit to all residents in Jondaryan township thanks to New Hope,” he said.

“The dust sample results go up on the noticeboard at the roadhouse here in town and I would also like to thank New Hope for donating a weatherproof noticeboard which is used for all community notices here in Jondaryan including the dust monitoring results.”