Stage 3 Supplier Registration

Register your interest to become a New Acland Coal Mine Stage 3 supplier. If you would like to register your company's interest to provide goods and/or services to the Project, please complete the supplier registration form below:

Terms & Condition Agreement

The New Hope Group (NHG) permits use and access of this webform by users who wish to introduce their business to the New Acland Coal Project Stage 3 (NAC03) project. User details will be available for access by the NHG staff on a continuous basis. Should your profile be deemed compatible with the NAC03 project business requirements, you may be contacted for this purpose by the NHG. User details may be provided to major contractors tendering for NAC03 works to assist major contractors in meeting NAC03 local content subcontractor requirements. By registering your details, you hereby consent to the NHG contacting you in this regard and providing your details to third parties.

However, completion of registration is neither a guarantee nor a warranty or representation of any kind that NHG intends to award any form of contract or conduct any form of business with you, nor is it any indication that you have been successfully selected and qualified as an approved NAC03 project supplier. Further, registration does not create a contract for services or any other form of legal relationship between NHG and any person, user or entity. The information provided by a user on this website may at any time be transferred to an external database managed by a third party without notification, and by participating on this site, you hereby release and hold NHG or the NAC03 project harmless from any liability or claim which could arise from any action resulting from the use of the information provided.

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